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Company Info

The spirit of Hanpoong Pharm & Foods encompasses the ideals of humanitarianism to "benefit humanity." 

Hanpoong Pharm & Foods was established in 1973 for two purposes.  First, it was to contribute to human health by making oriental medicine more modernized and scientific. 

Second, it was to bring forth solutions for chronic and/or incurable diseases that cannot be cured with modern medicine by using natural ingredients. 

Since its foundation, Hanpoong has made great achievements such as becoming the first pharmaceutical company to develop and supply herbal medicine extract in Korea.  With its focus being on only one field for the past 40 years, Hanpoong has emerged as indisputably the top domestic oriental medicine manufacturer, manufacturing and supplying some 400 modernized, standardized and scientific oriental medicines. 

Also, Hanpoong will not stop at contributing to human health through the development of new natural drugs, but also concentrate its investment in individually recognized health functional foods and functional materials used to manufacture cosmetics, animal feeds and pesticides. 


the Executives and Employees of Hanpoong Pharm & Foods

    hanpoong pharm

    Company: Hanpoong Pharm. Co Ltd,. / CEO: JO, INSIK / Phone: 82-2-6909-5100  FAX : 82-2-583-8584

    Address: 100 Hyoryeong-roSeocho-gu, Seoul (Bangbae-dong)

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