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  • 1973년- '1973Establishment of Hanpoong Pharm & Foods at 184 Inhudong 1-ga, Jeonju               (at the time, Ministry of Health and Welfare Permit #9)
  • 1974년Approval for 12 items in addition to Sogunjung Granule
  • 1975년Formation of the Modern Herbal Medicine Research Association (12 pharmacist              members)
  • 1976년Commencement of the 1st Herbal Medicine Preparation Lecture: the                            Pharmaceutical Association observed the herbal medicine                                          preparation at FAPA Jakarta
  • 1979년Relocation of the factor and head office to the Jeonju Industrial Complex

               Introduction of the latest special granulator, Formation of the Korea Chronic                  Disease Treatment Research Association

               The 1st International Scientific Oriental Medicine Seminar

  • 1980년Introduction of computer-based HPLC (the 10th in the pharmaceutical industry,              the 1st in the herbal medicine industry)
  • 1981년Overseas scientific herbal medicine education& training (Taiwan, Japan)

                Introduction of TLC scanner and preparative HPLC for mass preparative                         purposes

  • 1982년Introduction of custom-built Concentrator #2 fromSakuma

               The 2nd International Scientific Oriental Medicine Seminar

               Commencement of overseas oriental medicine education& training (Japan,                    Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand)

               Introduction of an oriental medicine computer program and computer

  • 1983년Organization of scientific oriental medicine research association

                Hold of the 3rd international oriental medicine seminar 

  • 1986년Completion of construction of the Central Research Institute, commencement of               the 1st oriental medicine internship and pharmacies

                Establishment of Research Institute for Medicinal Plant Tissue Culture

  • 1987년Completion of construction of the Jeonju factory according to the KGMP                      standards
  • 1994년Notification of conformance with KGMP
  • 1996년Inauguration of the Chairman (Jo Gi-hyeong) and the President (Jo In-sik)
  • 2000년Official sales of health foods, including Glucon Power in the market

               Commencement of export of herbal foods to the U.S.

  • 2002년Manufacture and sales of some 500 herbal drugs and 300 health foods
  • 2004년Establishment of the Central Research Institute – Dr. Jo Sun-hyeon takes office                as the first director – Diligent Payment of Local Taxes Award – CEO:                            Yu Geun-yeong
  • 2005년Jeonbuk Economy Award – CEO: Yu Geun-yeong
  • 2007년Registration as a health functional food distributor and seller
               Acquisition of the Health Functional Food Manufacturer (GMP) Permit No. 2007-              009
  •          - Acquitistion of ISO 9011 Certification
  • 2011년Innobiz Certification
  • 2012년Establishment of Hanpoong Nature Farm <Health Functional Food and Other            Food Manufacturer>

               Chosen as a leading company in Jeollabuk-do

    hanpoong pharm

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    Address: 100 Hyoryeong-roSeocho-gu, Seoul (Bangbae-dong)

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