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Company Info

Hanpoong is a leading pharmaceutical company in the industry that has concentrated its research on only one field – herbal medicines made of natural ingredients - for the past 40 years.

Sinbaro Capsule, an arthritis medicine that was the fourth new drug made of natural substances to be developed in Korea, was the product of a joint research with Green Cross in 2003. It was successfully formulated and standardized, and is now being exclusively produced and supplied by our company.

As such, Hanpoong Pharm and Foods has dedicated its effort to its research on preparation and manufacturing processes, functional research, development of new drugs with different effectiveness and development of new natural drugs.

In particular, as a CMO developing new natural drugs, Hanpoong wishes to conduct projects with global pharmaceutical companies to ensure good health for mankind, so please contact us for more information.

Hanpoong understands the great value of small ideas and little interest.

We will wait for your proposal.

    hanpoong pharm

    Company: Hanpoong Pharm. Co Ltd,. / CEO: JO, INSIK / Phone: 82-2-6909-5100  FAX : 82-2-583-8584

    Address: 100 Hyoryeong-roSeocho-gu, Seoul (Bangbae-dong)

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