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Good Morning S

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Oriental Prescription

Gyejigajakyakdaehwangtang (Complex Western-Oriental Medication)

Main Ingredients

powdered rheum, Senna fruit, psyllium husk powder, Ponciri fructus extract-san, licorice extract-san, peony extract-san, jujube extract-san, gyeji extract-san, ginger extract-san 


alleviates the following symptoms caused by constipation: loss of appetite (reduced appetite), abdominal distension, abnormal fermentation in the intestines, hemorrhoids


- Herbal medication: psyllium husks (swellable laxative) + Senna fruits (promotes peristalsis and contractions)

- Oriental Medicinal Prescription: Gyejigajakyakdaehwangtang + Ponciri fructus extract-san

1. The traditional Oriental medicinal prescription has been added to the herbal ingredients with physical laxative function used as conventional medicine for constipation to create a synergic effect. 

2. . It is effective for not only treating those suffering regular constipation, but also those who suffer from abdominal pain and abdominal dropsy caused by constipation but cannot relieve themselves. 

3. The efficacy of Good Morning S has been further strengthened by combining the existing formula with ponciri fructus-X. It is more convenient to carry and take this medicine because of the application of granule coating and stick packaging, using the preparation technique unique to Hanpoong Pharm & Foods.


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