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Oriental Prescription


Main Ingredients

  angelica, forsythia fruit, Siler divaricatum, white atractylis, seokgo,     peony, nepta              herb,ephedra,licorice,ginger,rhubarb,scutellaria,peppermint,gardenia   fruit, sodium sulphate, platycodon, talc 


 Symptoms accompanied by high blood pressure (palpitation, stiff neck, yeoksang, obesity, edema, constipation


1. Asiwon is medicine prepared by refining the traditional Oriental prescription, Bangpungtongseong-san, used to treat various adult diseases including obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It is a scientific treatment for obesity with its therapeutic effects proven through clinical trials.

2. Medicinal Constituents → Laxative + Diuretic + Diaphoretic + Heat-clearing (Accumulated toxic substances in the body are excreted via feces and sweat, and thereby removing heat toxins caused by the substances)

3. The results of clinic tests showed that Asiwon helped patients lose weight but also had significant therapeutic effects on patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and/or hypertension.

4. It has excellent effects on abdominal obesity

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