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Oriental Prescription


Main Ingredients

lonicera flower, forsythia fruit, peppermint, platycodon, licorice, bamboo leaves, nepta herb, dusi, lappa fruit, antelope horn


alleviates sore throat, dry mouth and cough caused by a cold and headaches


1. Inhusin, which is an oriental herbal medicine developed based on Eungyosan, included in 溫病條辯 (Chinese book of medicine), has an excellent antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to alleviate various inflammatory diseases (throat infection, bronchitis, etc.) caused by fever as well as cold symptoms (dry mouth, headache, cough, etc.)

2. Lonicera flower: antibacterial, immunity enhancing, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects

3. Forsythia fruit, bamboo leaves, nepta herb, dusi, lappa fruit, antelope horn: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects

4. Effective in treating various types of inflammation in the respiratory tract including throat infections, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc.

5. It is safe to take as it contains pure herbal medicinal ingredients with less side effects compared to western medicinal antibiotic/anti-inflammatory preparations.

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