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No. Patent/Program Country Date of Application/Registration Remark
1 Silk Peptide Manufacturing Method Korea 2003.11.19 Registered
2 Phenolic Compounds with Antioxidant Activity, Extracted from Hovenia Leaves Korea 2004.07.07 Registered
3 Method of Extracting Acteoside from Clerodendron trichotomum Leaves and the Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory Pharmaceutical Composition Containing the Extract Korea 2006.01.27 Applied
4 Pharmaceutical Formulation Containing Glucosamine and Herbal Medicinal Mixture Korea 2008.06.18 Applied
5 Pharmaceutical Composition for Dementia Prevention and Treatment with Herbal Extracts as Active Ingredients Korea 2008.07.07 Applied
6 Composition for Treating or Preventing Inflammatory Enteric Diseases Korea 2008.10.16 Registered
7 Composition for Treating or Preventing Inflammatory Enteric Diseases Korea 2009.08.28 Registered
8 Composition for Treating Periodontal Diseases that Contains Plant Extracts Korea 2010.02.03 Registered
9 Composition with Cell Activation Effect and Health Functional Food Containing the Composition Korea 2012.10.31 Applied
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